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What has Iran done recently to circumvent international financial sanctions?

Intelligence officials and diplomatic sources say that Iran has smuggled at least $1 billion in cash into the country to blunt the effects of Western sanctions. Multiple sources told Reuters on Tuesday that Iran’s efforts to obtain smuggled bank notes for international transactions is much bigger than previously thought. How has it been done so […]

Council of Europe advises on Lithuania corruption

On 11th Febraury 2015, the Council of Europe Anti-Corruption Group (GRECO) published a report in which the outcomes of the 4th Evaluation Round of Lithuania corruption are noted. In particular GRECO referred to the following: Acknowledgement of the comprehensive legal and institutional framework developed by Lithuania to prevent and fight corruption among members of parliament, judges […]

The 4th EU AML Directive: things seem moving smoothly

Following our previous post, it seems that the legislative process for approving the 4th EU AML Directive is moving smoothly. The Council of European Union on 10 February 2015 approved an agreement with the European Parliament on strengthened rules to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing. The directive and regulation will strengthen EU rules against money […]

Corruption, money laundering and terrorism: is there any relationship?

On 4th Febraury 2015, Transparency International(TI) published an interesting article which describes how corruption and terrorism are well interconnected. This is certainly not a news for insiders who have been monitoring such relation, but as TI stresses “such a link has never been clearer”. In particular, in countries where corruption is rife, problems with security […]